Privacy Policy

Under Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as the „GDPR“)

The Privacy Policy of the Users of the website is an integral part of the Terms of Use of the website. If you disagree with the Policy, you may not use the Site and our services.

To our company Lazur Family Resort Ltd., having its registered seat in Bulgaria, Varna, 5 Nikola Vaptsarov str, fl.3 , office 3, EIK/BULSTAT: 204853108, (hereinafter referred to as „Lazur Family Resort“, “The company” or „We“) with website, the protection of your personal data is very important. This privacy policy will help you understand what kind of data we collect, the reasons we collect it for and what we do with it.

In order to provide you with our services, such as preliminary information and consultations regarding properties in Bulgaria, mediation in the course of purchase, sale or rent of a real estate property, assistance with the preparation of the required documents and notarization of the deal, as well as after-sale services, we need to collect your personal data. 

If you do not wish to provide your personal information below, you disagree with our Policy, and in this case you cannot use our services.

1. Persons for whom the company stores and processes data

1.1. In relation to the Services provided, the Company processes information on the following Data Entities:

a) users of the website;

b) users made inquiries by phone, using a contact form on the website, by e-mail mail;

c) in connection with correspondence with users / clients who have sent an e-mail or paper;

d) clients wishing to use our services as well as those already using our services;

e) family members and other relatives of clients - only in case a transaction, on which the Company is an intermediary, such persons participate.

1.2. In connection with its activity, the Company also collects and processes personal data of other categories of parties:

- parties which execute services for the Company;

- partners of the Company;

- employees, employees, associates and consultants of the Company;

- legal representatives and proxies of legal entities that have contractual relations with the Company.

2. What personal data do we collect about you?

2.1. You may contact us and use the services provided through the Site or otherwise by the Company using contact forms, e-mail addresses, personal meetings with associates and representatives of the Company but after providing at least the following personal data: name, phone number, email address. Without this minimum amount of data, we cannot handle correspondence and we cannot be

of further assistance to you.

2.2. Our company stores and processes information about personal data received through the contact form on the website, through phone calls, or by sending mail by e-mail or other medium.

2.3. Our company will send to your e-mail address information relevant to your search.

You can claim that you do not want to receive any further messages by pressing the end button that is available in each e-mail you receive or by calling the contact number indicated: +359 896 700 700 every working day from 09 to 18 hours, e-mail or by using a contact form located on the site.

2.4. In connection with the functionality of the website, the Company stores information about the so-called Cookie or cookies

3. The personal data we collect will be used solely for one or more of the following purposes:

In order to provide information you required regarding the real estate; 

Preliminary correspondence before signing a contract;
Signing a mediation contract; 

Identification in the course of preparing documents for the signing of a contract;

Identification in the course of preparing documents for the purpose of signing a rental- or purchase/sale contract;

Marketing and/or advertising information;

Preparing personalized advertisements, remarketing and measurement of results.

Legal obligations in regard of our activities

4. The information we process and store

4.1. In connection with the performance of our activity, the Company collects and processes information related to the search and offering of real estate, and for this purpose our collaborators fulfill database information submitted by the Users as follows:

a) when searching for a property: name, telephone, e-mail, available amount (approximate transaction price), characteristics of the property searched;

b) upon offering a property: name, telephone, e-mail of the owner, address of the property, sale price or monthly rent, main characteristics of the property;

c) for mediation, preliminary contracts for purchase and sale of property, for deposit payment, guarantee, various agreements, etc.) conducting inspection trips and providing real estate information: names, telephone, e-mail, permanent address, contact address, nationality, contact language, PIN, date of birth;

d) For the purposes of job applications: names, telephone, e-mail, permanent address, contact address, nationality, contact language, PIN / date of birth (for non-IDPs) , identity card details (type, number, date and issuing authority, period of validity).

e) For the purposes of the Personnel Chief of Staff and the accountancy: names, telephone, e-mail, permanent address, contact address, nationality, contact language, PIN / date of birth (for non-IDPs) , identity card details (type, number, date and issuing authority, period of validity).

4.2. As a rule, we do not collect and store sensitive personal data that:

a) discloses racial or ethnic origin;

b) discloses political, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of political parties or organizations, associations with religious, philosophical, political or trade union purposes;

c) relates to health, sexual life or the human genome.

Exceptionally, if the specifics of the transaction requires it, such data may be requested, for example, when searching for and purchasing a disabled person's dwelling with certain specific needs.

5. Safety

We take care of the confidentiality of the information we get in the process. Access to this information is limited, we maintain policies and procedures that guarantee the protection of personal data from abuse.

6. Using the information gathered

The provided information is only used in connection with our activity and in order to serve our clients - to make the desired real estate deals.

7. Time limits for storing information and personal data

a) registration data (such as name, surname, email address) and IP address - are stored without a fixed deadline until you have received a request to delete / block them.

b) messages about available properties corresponding to your search - until we receive a message from you that your search is no longer up to date and you do not want to receive any further messages. You may at any time claim that you do not wish to receive any further communications from us by filling out the relevant information form available on the website.

c) cookies - while claiming that you want to delete them or up to 6 months from the last use of our site

d) correspondence, complaints and signals, requests, incl. by e-mail - for up to 5 years from resolving the issue

e) curriculum vitae and related documents of job applicants - until the expiry of the term of employment of the personnel concerned, unless the person is employed.

f) business-related contracts, including Mediation Agreements - up to 5 years from the date on which the contract is executed by both parties.

These deadlines may be changed, as required by applicable law.

In case of controversial issues, data are generally retained until final settlement of the case, the dispute or the court case.

8. To whom do we provide your personal data information

We do not provide information representing personal data to third parties except with their explicit consent and in the cases provided by law where this is mandatory.

Descriptions of properties offered for sale or lease are provided to third parties for the purpose of finding clients whereby personal details are deleted until the signing of a contract.

9. Your rights regarding the personal information, which you deliver
a) right of access
b) right to correction,
c) right to erasure,
d) right to restriction of processing,
e) right to data portability,
f) right to object,
g) right to withdraw consent,
h) right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Data Protection Officer

Our main activities do not consist of processing operations which, due to their nature, scope and / or purposes, require regular and systematic large-scale monitoring of data subjects or large-scale processing of special categories of data and personal data related to convictions and violations. In view of this circumstance, we have no obligation to appoint a Data Protection Officer.

Changes to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to change and update our privacy policy at any time. We will give you a new notification whenever we make changes.

10. Information about logs, cookies, and internet spyders.

10.1. The site collects standard Internet logging information, including your IP address, browser type and language, time of access, and reference website addresses. To ensure that the Site is well-maintained and to ensure better navigation, we or our service providers may use cookies (small text files stored in the user's browser) or internet beacons ( web beacons) (electronic images that allow the Website to count visitors to a particular page and access certain cookies) to collect aggregated data.

10.2. We do not collect and store individual (non-shared) cookies.

10.3. Whenever you use the Site, information about the language, country, and pages previously visited can be gathered using cookies or other technologies. The use of collected cookies is very limited and is related to technical purposes: the functionality of the Site. Cookies are stored in accordance with international standards.

10.4. The information gathered with cookies cannot be associated with a particular person. By using this Site, you agree to the use of cookies.

10.5. You can use your browser settings to delete and / or disable cookies from specific or all sites.

11. Social media and platforms

11.1. All personal data or other information you share on Social Media Platforms can be read, collected and used by other users of the Social Media Platforms that we do not have control over. Therefore, we are not responsible for the use, abuse or misappropriation by other users of any personal data or other information that you share on Social Media Platforms.

11.2. The link to the third party website should not be construed as a confirmation by us about the level of personal data protection in the third-party platform. Our Company does not give any guarantees as to how the user data is stored or used on such third party servers.

12. Protecting the privacy of children

Personal data about individuals is collected and processed only in the case of a child's participation in a transaction - only to the extent necessary for the preparation and execution of the transaction itself.

13. Continuity of confidentiality and protection of personal data

13.1. We undertake to comply with and apply the privacy, confidentiality and security measures of any information you receive - continually as part of our business.

13.2. If necessary, we may change our internal Privacy Policy. In the event of a change, the information will be communicated appropriately to our site as well.

14. CONTACT PERSON in relation to the protection of personal data

Questions and requests regarding your rights for protection of your personal data, you can send to: Varna, 5, Nikola Vaptsarov str., Floor 3, office 3, e-mail: : +359 896 700 700

Last update: 28.05.2018