The most important steps when choosing apartment

1. Location. Location. Location

Azur Family Resort offers prime location: 200 m from the beach, in one of the most prestigious areas in Varna.

The town is extremely attractive and visited all year round by both Bulgarians and international tourists. Varna Airport operates all year round and accepts flights from 102 destinations. In addition to regular flights, it also serves a large number of charter flights in the summer with Wizz Air and Ryan Air.

2. A reputable seller

“Lazur Family Resort” is part of "Bulcapital Group" with more than 12 years experience in the field of construction, investment and management of residential and resort complexes.

3. No agent

You buy directly from the seller. All properties are offered directly, without additional commission fee.

4. Purpose

With the purchase of a property in Azur Varna Resort you achieve several goals –you can enjoy comfortable living, you can spend luxurious spa holidays and you get an extra rental income.

Apartment Selection and Reservation

Our clients usually choose and reserve an apartment during seminars or at
inspection trips. The reservation fee is valid for 14 working days. Afterwards they
select a payment plan and sign a preliminary contract.

Payment plans

Standard plan
2000 euro
reservation fee
within 15 days after reservation
Optimal plan
5% discount
the most preferred plan
2000 euro
reservation fee
within 15 days after reservation
Investment plan
-7% discount.
2000 euro
reservation fee
payment within 15 days after reservation
!!!All payment plans are valid until the start of construction works!!!

Tax Credit

You can use a tax credit in case you buy the property for investment and commercial purposes (you intend to rent it).

Signing the Sales Purchase Agreement

The Sales Purchase Agreement follows the selected payment plan and along with it a management and maintenance agreement with the same company is signed. The annual maintenance fee is 12 Euro/m 2

Transfer of ownership

After Act 15 and after arrangement of all due payments.

Additional costs

In all transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate in the country on the day of the notary transfer of the property, the buyer pays Notary fees, registration fee and local taxes, which are legally determined.

  1. Notary fees
    For the issuance of a notary deed, the notary shall take a legally settled fee. The fee is calculated on the basis of the stated "material interest". In the event that the stated price in the act is lower than the tax evaluation, then the fee is calculated on the basis of the tax evaluation. For real estate transactions, the notary fee is usually included in the following columns of the tariff:

    • for property price from 50 001 to 100 000 lv. the notary fee is 480,50 lv. + 0,5% for the amount above 50 001 lv.;
    • for property price from 100 001 to 500 000 lv. he notary fee is 730,50 lv. + 0,2% for the amount above 100 001 lv.

    * A 20% VAT (VAT) is added to the notary fee The actual preparation of the notary deed is also subject to separate charge. The tariffs are the same as for the issuance of the notary deed.

    You should also consider the costs of validating documents and copies of documents. There are mandatory accompanying declarations. One of these is the Declaration of Citizenship and Civil Status (as per Article 25 (7), Notaries and Notary Activities Act).Another declaration is that for absence of tax and social security obligations (under Article 264, paragraph 1 of the Tax and Social Insurance Procedure Code). The fees for the validation of the declarations are legally settled.

  2. Registration fee
    The fee is collected by the Registry agency. It amounts to 0.1% of the certified price in the notary deed.

  3. Local taxes
    According to the Local Taxes and Fees Act, the tax rate for each municipality is determined by the municipal council. The tax varies between 0.1 and 3% from the sales price or its tax valuation if higher, depending on the municipality. The local tax for real estate purchase on the territory of Varna is defined to 2.6% for 2018.